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Blue Skies Social Skills provides ecologically valid social skills training for children and youth on the autism spectrum, as well as other developmental differences. 
Blue Skies Social Skills is located in Ottawa, Ontario, but the programs are also available online through telecoaching. 


Zones of Regulation (ages 5-7)

The Zones of Regulation is a proactive, research based program for children ages 5-7. It uses cognitive behavioural methods to teach:

-Self-regulation by designating feelings into colour coded zones.

Children learn to:

-Recognize and label their feelings

-Strategies for coping with uncomfortable emotions and impulses

-Meet their sensory needs in a prosocial way

-Learn to solve conflicts

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Social Thinking (ages 8-12)

Social Thinking is a program for children ages 8-12 with social emotional difficulties.

It provides:

-Insight into the processes by which a person becomes aware of another person’s thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs

-The ability to use this information to respond appropriately in a social setting

-Conflict resolution skills

PEERS (ages 13-16)

The Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills was developed at UCLA by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson. It is world-renowned for providing evidence based social skills treatment for youth with ASD, ADHD, anxiety, and other social-emotional challenges. 

PEERS is a 16 week program consisting of weekly 90 minute coaching sessions on:

-Developing and maintaining friendships conversational skills

-Using humour appropriately

- Handling interpersonal conflict effectively

-Managing poor reputations

-And other important skills. 

PEERS is an appropriate intervention for teens aged 13-16 who are interested in making and keeping friends, as well as handling conflict and rejection. 

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